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Young Boy Found Unharmed in Forest, Accompanied by Faithful Canine Companion

A loyal black Lab in New Jersey is being hailed as a hero — and it’s easy to see why.

This week, he went above and beyond on behalf of a little boy when his faithful love and protection were needed the most.


According to New Jersey State Police, the 4-year-old boy went missing on Wednesday evening after wandering from his home in Buena Vista Township. The region is densely wooded, rife with perils for an unattended preschooler — but, fortunately, the child was not alone.

As the boy strayed off and grew increasingly lost, he was joined by his family’s dog, who’d evidently decided to stick close by.

Thankfully, state troopers, along with the boy’s mother, were able to track them down about an hour later. And as body camera footage of the dramatic rescue shows, the faithful pup never left his side:

“We are thankful to report that due to the quick response of the troopers and his mother, the terrified child was safely located and in good health,” New Jersey State Police wrote.

After footage from the rescue was shared online, viewers were quick to praise the dog for his role in that safe outcome.


“This beautiful dog protected him and stayed by his side,” one commenter said.

“Give this dog an award!” another added.

“Great dog!” a third wrote.

Truly, a job well done.

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