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Talented Street Artist Turns Old Gas Tank Into Incredible Sphynx Cat Illusion

ublic opinion is evenly split on the Sphynx cat. While some people find these hairless felines uniquely beautiful, others find them to be a bit creepy. Although being fur-less indeed makes them look different, it is that which also makes them special. Not to mention, this unique feline breed is one of the most expensive breeds in the world. Deemed as a true gem, these unusual-looking cats are often the source of inspiration for some artists. One of whom is Tom Bragado Blanco, the French street artist otherwise known as ‘Braga Last1’.

Over the years, graffiti has detached itself from mere vandalism and evolved into an independent art genre. Today, the term ‘street art’ has been used to denote graffiti art which is usually done with permission or by commission. Contemporary street artists like Blanco have been reshaping this genre by adding more visual elements such as 3D and optical illusions. Blanco, in particular, has been applying both of these visual elements into his works. And those are clearly evident through his recent project featuring a realistic painting of a cat painted on an old gas tank.

A Street Artist Transforms An Old Gas Tank Into An Awesome Artwork By Painting A Realistic Sphynx Cat On It

Blanco uses both 3D paintings and anamorphic illusions to make his creations merge with the surroundings. When viewed from a specific vantage point, the painting seems to trick the eye to distort our visual sense of reality. With this mind-bending illusion, he was able to make the gas tank disappear to make the cat come to life. Indeed, an unsuspecting passersby would think they’re looking at a giant hairless feline crawling on the grassland. Besides, that’s what Blanco aims to do – to deceive your eyes.

The cat painting isn’t the only impressive mural Blanco has under his belt. In fact, he has created other stunning murals that are as equally mind-bending as this. You may follow the talented artist on Instagram to see his entire collection of artworks. We’ve picked out some of his most awe-inspiring creations and compiled them below for you.

Source: Instagram

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