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‘Otter’ the Cat No Longer Wears Helmet After Successful Brain Surgery

We love sharing happy updates, purrticularly about Otter, a cat who had to wear a cute helmet to protect his noggin. Otter and his sibling Bunny faced an uncertain future when the rescues were born with missing limbs and Otter with an enlarged head (hydrocephalus).

They were both also born with overflowing charm as you can see below.

Bunny and Otter
Otter on left and Bunny on right. Otter used to wear a bandaid to protect his noggin. Images and media via Instagram/Baby Kitten Rescue

Thanks to LA’s Baby Kitten Rescue and a kind designer Bruce who created his helmet, Otter’s fragile noggin had protection until he was ready for surgery. He shared the helmet design so anyone with special needs kittens can learn to make one.

“Merry Christmas Eve from Bunny & Otter😻🎄🎅🏼❤️ Huge thank you to Bruce, Otter’s helmet creator, who made us these custom ornaments!!!😭🥹🥰.”

Bruce the man who designed Otter’s helmet makes Christmas ornaments of Bunny and Otter
Bruce, who designed Otter’s helmet makes Christmas ornaments of Bunny and Otter.

Otter’s Brain Surgery
Since Otter and Bunny arrived in care, they have been favorites to thousands of people. Both kittens have flourished and grown up strong thanks to their devoted rescuers, veterinary specialists, and donations for considerable expenses.

Finally, the day for Otter’s surgery came, and everyone held their breath. The specialists would place a titanium mesh to protect Otter’s brain.

It was a huge relief for the rescuers and everyone when Otter survived and came home with a “Mohawk” like incision. However, he wasn’t out of the woods yet, as he returned home to recover and wear his helmet.

“Otter’s favorite place to be is draped over your leg and purring🥰 He also needs to sleep right next to you all night🥹 He’s such a sweet boy🧡”

Otter Doesn’t Need Helmet After Brain Surgery
Soon after, Baby Kitten Rescue and the Metropolitan Animal Specialty Hospital (MASH) shared a wonderful Otter update. After 1.5 months, he is doing great, and it looks like he never had brain surgery! Thanks to how well he has healed, he doesn’t wear his helmet and can enjoy life unencumbered.

“We received an update on how Otter is doing❤️,” shared mashvet on Instagram.

hydrocephalus cat after recovering from delicate brain surgery looks like average cat, Baby Kitten Rescue, LA

Today, Otter has a titanium skull like a cat superhero. After an MRI, the doctors discovered that Otter’s brain looked “healthy and normal” but had a protrusion containing cerebrospinal fluid and meninges, protective membranes. Therefore, technically it’s called an encephalocele.

They were also shocked that Otter is no longer hydrocephalus, without extra fluid in his brain. They suggest this dramatic recovery could have been related to a homeopathic remedy of Silicea. However, the FDA hasn’t confirmed its effectiveness.

“Otter is doing AMAZING!! It’s been 1.5 months since his brain surgery, and I have been astounded by how quickly and easily he recovered 🥹. Otter no longer has to wear his helmet since he has a titanium skull now!💪 He is the happiest little guy with a love for life and for everyone in it🥹 He loves climbing the cat tree (which he was never allowed to do before) and hanging out in the hammock🥰.”

Otter the hydrocephalus cat fully recovered

Even though Otter underwent such a delicate brain surgery, he had no complications, which is amazing.

“It’s incredible that Otter never experienced any neurological symptoms and a testament to Dr. O’Neill and the talented staff at MASH that his cutting-edge and delicate brain surgery was so smooth with no complications👏.”

Baby Kitten Rescue, LA, Otter the cat, hydrocephalus

Otter is Happy and Recovering
Finally, Otter can get on with being a happy cat, and his family won’t need to worry either.

“We are SO grateful to Dr. O’Neill and the amazing staff at MASH who took such great care of our sweet Otter!! He now gets to live a long, full life and will never have to worry about injury or infection to his brain from being exposed ever again!!!😭🙏🥹😻”

‘We are so glad he is happy and recovering so well! Thank you, Baby Kitten Rescue, for the update and photos and for trusting us with your little Otter!🦦💗”

hydrocephalus cat Otter survives brain surgery

Meanwhile, Bunny is enjoying life helping the foster kittens; well, she tolerates them at least.

“Bunny is doing great too!😻🥰 She’s not thrilled about all these foster kittens invading her space🤣😾 But she’s tolerating them😆👏 She’s still the most loving girl and nuzzles into my neck every morning purring and giving me kisses🥹.”

Bunny the cat with missing limb parts due to congenital defects, LA, Baby Kitten Rescue

For more, you can follow Baby Kitten Rescue on Instagram and Facebook.

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