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Rescued Maine Coon, ‘Aslan’ Becomes King After Delicate Eye Surgeries

A giant Maine Coon cat, Aslan, arrived as an emergency admission at a UK rescue on Christmas Eve. His fluffy golden head was bigger than his rescuer Katie Lloyd’s head, the founder of Bradford Cat Watch Rescue and Sanctuary. They called him a “not so cowardly little lion.” His story shows that cats with an eye condition called entropion can fully recover and lead majestic lives.

Aslan came from “extreme domestic circumstances” with a severed, painful eye condition that made it impossible for him to see properly. It’s called bilateral (both eyes) entropion, causing inward rolling eyelids, leaving the eyelashes constantly irritating and scratching the eyes. Without “major intricate surgery,” he would likely lose his vision for good.

Before pictures of Aslan’s eyes which both had severe entropion.

After extensive treatment and touch-up surgeries for his painful eyes, the rescuers suspected he might remain at the Sanctuary. Until his surgery, they applied drops several times a day and bathed his eyes to help.

Maine Coon with bilateral entropion requiring surgeries

“Christmas would not be Christmas at the Sanctuary without an emergency admission. This is “Little” Aslan. ( his head is bigger than mine!!),” wrote Katie Lloyd.

Katie Lloyd holds rescued Maine Coon Aslan. Images via Facebook/Bradford Cat Watch Rescue and Sanctuary

Aslan Received Life-Changing Eye Surgery
By early January, Aslan improved after his first eye surgery, a delicate procedure that doesn’t always work. He came through “brilliantly” with help from “super vet” Gemma, who held his lion paw.

Vet holds Aslan’s big paw, Maine Coon, Harrogate, Robin’s Nest Vets

“The surgery was intricate and involved a slither of skin being removed from around the eye and stitched to correct the inverted eyelid,” the rescue shared.

Gemma at Robin’s Nest Vets inspects Aslan’s eyes

After 24 hours, he could open his eyes so much wider!

“He can finally open his eyes and see the world (his kingdom …everything the light touches….Oh, I just cant wait to be king…..),” shared Robin’s Nest Vets in Harrogate.

Progress after the first surgery for bilateral entropion

Touch-Up ‘Revision’ Surgeries for Aslan’s Eyes
After 58 days, Aslan looked pawsitively majestic, his golden eyes wide and bright.

Vet with Aslan the giant Maine Coon cat with entropion

“For the first time we have seen Aslan playing with toys and loving life,” the rescue shared.

Aslan the Maine Coon plays for the first time after his eye surgery for bilateral entropion

Next, he needed a revision or touch-up surgery, the ” finishing touches” for 100% success. At the time of his second surgery, they discovered he also suffered from extreme dental problems. His life had been one of so much suffering but that was finally over.

“The dental surgery was far more extensive than we first believed, and 13 teeth NEEDED to be removed. A 1-year-old cat should NOT be requiring such extensive dental work, and we think this was down to a very inadequate diet and poor nutrition prior to coming to the Sanctuary 3 months ago,” they shared.

Aslan after his first surgery is playful, Bradford Cat Watch Rescue, Katie Lloyd

After so many challenges, the rescue dubbed him “King Aslan.” He recovered fully and no longer needed to remain at the Sanctuary. Happily he got adopted and settled into his furever kingdom, where he fit in purrfectly.

His new mum shared the King’s daily routine.

“We have been busy having tummy tickles and playing with his feather wand,” she said.

Aslan after his eye surgeries from Bradford Cat Watch Rescue and Sanctuary at Robin’s Nest Vets in Harrogate,2

Every day, he loves being brushed, eating his weight in cat biscuits, snuggling, and chatting with birds, including a pheasant, by the window.

“Honestly, he is doing so well, I really do think he is happy here, I certainly am. Thank you so much,” his mum said.

Aslan is treated like royalty, with a fitting throne to hold court.

King Aslan on his throne, after his surgeries for bilateral entropion

You can learn more about Aslan and so many other ameowzing rescues on Bradford Cat Watch and Sanctuary’s Facebook and Instagram.

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