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This Family Bought A Boat And Discovered Two Tiny Kittens Inside

Imagine buying a boat, traveling across the states to bring it home, only to discover two tiny kittens inside.

That would be the biggest surprise ever, and it happened to this family whose story I’m about to share with you!

No one knew where the kittens came from, but the most reasonable explanation was that the mother cat had given birth to her babies in the boat, which was, in the meantime, sold and taken away.

Upon inspecting the kittens, the family realized they were very young because they hadn’t opened their eyes yet. Luckily, the family did the best thing they could.

They took them to the shelter in the hope of receiving proper care and finding them their real homes. The kittens were named Pistachio and Raisin, and they were absolutely adorable!

Since the cute kittens were so young, they needed specialized care and a more experienced caregiver. Thanks to the family who found them and brought them to the shelter, Pistachio, and Raisin quickly found their foster mom.

Apparently, the kittens were only nine days old when they arrived there, and they were in poor condition. However, with the help of their foster mom, kitten formula, and warm blankets, they soon started to improve.

Even though both kittens are the same coat color, their foster mom, who spent the most time with them, found a way to differentiate them and shared her secret with others:

“We tell them apart by their fur – the one on the left is curly – thus he is nicknamed Curly, so the one on the right is Moe.”

Both kittens were making progress, even though they were still underweight at two weeks old. But neither their foster mom nor the kittens gave up. They were getting stronger and ready to explore their new environment.

Pistachio (Curly) weighed 137 grams, and Raisin (Moe) only 121 grams.

To make the story even better, the family who had found the kittens inside the boat, expressed their desire to adopt the kittens once they were big enough.

The kittens were also spayed/neutered, and now they’re living their best lives possible!

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