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(VIDEO) Heroic Road Worker Saves Drowning Kitten Using Mouth-To-Mouth Resuscitation

Metin Keskin, a road worker, became a guardian angel when fate brought him face-to-face with a helpless kitten amidst a flash flood in Istanbul, Turkey. As he and his coworkers valiantly cleared floodwaters, a tiny, lifeless kitten caught his attention.

He brought the drowning kitten back to life using mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

Drenched and on the brink of despair, this furry soul found an unexpected savior in the form of Metin. Without hesitation, he took the fragile kitten into his caring hands, defying its lifeless appearance.

With profound determination, he breathed life back into the little one using mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and gentle chest compressions.

In the midst of the rain-drenched street, Metin’s unwavering efforts bore fruit. The kitten, once seemingly lost, began to show signs of rekindled life.

It was as if a miracle had unfolded before their eyes – she expelled the water that had nearly claimed her, and her soft meows resonated with newfound strength.

Urgently, Metin rushed her to a veterinary clinic, where her journey to full recovery began.

Against all odds, this tenacious kitten rallied back to health, embodying the spirit of resilience. With her second chance at life, a new chapter unfolded – Metin, unable to resist her charm and bravery, chose to adopt her and give her a home.

At the animal hospital, he beamed with joy as he declared:

“She becomes our kitten now, and I’m so happy.”

Witness their remarkable journey in this heartfelt rescue video:

Keskin is a true hero! We are all so happy that his rescue mission was a success!

Their story is a testament not only to his heroic act but also to the transformative power of compassion, which led to a heartwarming new beginning for this feline friend and her newfound guardian.

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