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Blind Kitten Rescued By A Kind Man Who Never Gave Up On Her

Most people would just ignore an animal in need while on vacation, but this kind man isn’t one of them.

The kind-hearted man saved this blind kitten’s life, despite being told that she wouldn’t survive.

Reddit: @Mantees
It all happened years ago when Mantees was on vacation in the South of Italy. While enjoying the beauty of magnificent Italy, something else caught his attention; he heard desperate meowing for help.

Instead of moving on and enjoying the rest of his vacation, Manatees did the kindest thing ever – he followed the meows until he found a tiny kitten that was barely even alive.

Reddit: @Mantees
While examining the kitten, he realized that the kitten’s eyes were completely closed out. He said:

“I decided to take care of her during my holiday so that she would be stronger and more capable to survive when I would leave back home.”

Reddit: @Mantees
Unfortunately, due to the infection, the tiny kitten lost her eyes. But, that wasn’t even the worst part! The kitten also had trouble walking, and she couldn’t close her mouth normally.

The kitten was in such a bad condition that the vet said she was too weak to survive.

Luckily, Mantees didn’t want to listen to anyone. When I first read this story, I was amazed by his unwavering determination to save this kitten, and obviously, the tiny kitty was also a great fighter.

Reddit: @Mantees
He and his brothers started treating the kitten; the infections in her eyes and ears, worms, and fever. They also kept her warm and fed her every 4 hours so that she could gain enough strength.

They even taught the kitten to move around the house despite her blindness. She would follow the noise of their steps and clapping hands, and she was very good.

Mantees had 15 sleepless nights, all because of a tiny kitten that he found randomly on the street. His departure was coming closer, but something bothered him.

Reddit: @Mantees
Throughout this period of taking care of this tiny kitten, Mantees bonded with her a lot, and he couldn’t leave her just like that, not after everything they had been through. He said:

“So, I changed my plane reservation to include a pet, and long story short, she is now sleeping in my bed, with the body under my covers and her head on my pillow.”

Reddit: @Mantees
He named his new feline friend Skunky, and now she’s all grown up, living her best life with Mantees and a new furry friend.

Reddit: @Mantees
Not everyone would do what Mantees did, so I’m glad that he found Skunky. He saved her from the claws of death and changed her life forever, just like she changed his!

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