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A Woman Discovers A Two-Legged Spider And Helps Her In Recovering Her Legs

Elina Walsh discovered something on her home’s wall one morning a few weeks ago. It was a strange-looking individual that I didn’t recognize right away.

Walsh told The Dodo, “I went over to examine what it was.”

It was then that Walsh recognized it was a small spider with only two legs.

It’s unclear how the spider lost six of her legs, but her odds of surviving without them appeared to be low. Walsh was well aware of the terrible fact.

She made the decision to assist.

“I felt bad for her right away,” Walsh said. “So I chose to look after her because she would have been unable to hunt on her own.”

Peggy was the name she gave to the spider.

Walsh discovered after some investigation that there was still hope for Peggy to live a normal life. It turns out that spiders have the ability to renew their legs. Peggy only needed time and a safe location to spend it.

Despite her circumstances, this little spider was a warrior.

“She had a great determination to survive despite only having two legs,” Walsh said.

In the weeks that followed, Walsh fed Peggy with water and nourishment, and her body began to change gradually.


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“She gained enough strength to rebuild her legs with weekly feedings,” Walsh said. “It was intriguing to observe her.”

Meanwhile, as Peggy’s legs grew longer, so did Walsh’s feelings for her.

“I don’t believe spiders can create bonds,” she explained. “However, I have a strong attachment to her.”

Peggy molted for around four weeks to accommodate her increasing body, and the legs she had lost reappeared.

It was all because Walsh took the time to assist her in getting there.

Walsh intends to keep Peggy under her care until she is a little bigger and stronger, after which she will release her back into the wild.

“Hopefully she won’t get herself into trouble again,” Walsh said, adding that the experience has taught her a valuable lesson that she hopes will be shared with others.

Spiders have the right to exist.

“It makes me happy to know that I was able to assist an animal,” Walsh remarked. “Also, to assist others learn more about these magnificent creatures and to show them a side of spiders they

may not have seen before. Many arachnophobics have confessed that their feelings toward spiders have changed and that they now appreciate them.”

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