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Neighbor Cat Comes To The Rescue After Woman’s Keys Fall Into Hole

Cats are typically the ones that must request permission to return inside.

On this particular day, however, those positions were switched due to an unanticipated chain of circumstances including a major mistake.


Luh Meira and her kid were hanging out in front of their apartment complex in Brazil last week when something horrible happened. Meira’s kid, who had been messing around with her house keys, decided to throw them down a random hole that had formed along a sidewalk.  (Kids, right?)

Despite her best efforts, Meira was unable to collect them, leaving her stranded outside indefinitely. But then there was a hero.

Pantera, a nice black cat belonging to one of Meira’s neighbors, was the hero. Pantera jumped in to assist with his tiny paws.

Here’s a video of the moment:

Pantera did it!

The generous cat ultimately returned the keys Meira’s son had dropped, though it took him a few tries. She was astounded.

“No one would believe it if I didn’t film it,” Meira told The Dodo. “I was astonished since I assumed he put his paw in the hole merely to have fun, but his true aim was to retrieve the keys. I was overjoyed.”


Meira gave Pantera a toy and some treats as a reward for his excellent act. But he also received something much more amazing.

“He won my heart,” Meira declared. “I was already in love with cats, but there’s no doubt about it now.”

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