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Deaf Dog Learns Sign Language

This deaf dog is learning sign language in order to improve his chances of finding a home. Gordon’s world is silence; he is a completely deaf dog that was found on the streets of London and has been in a shelter since then, waiting for someone to adopt him. Gordon deserves a better life in a permanent home, no matter how much the workers at the shelter enjoy teaching and learning from him.

On its Facebook page, the shelter stated:

“Gordon has been at The Mayhew for far too long. This bright, affectionate two-year-old dog is deaf, but it doesn’t stop him from constantly licking everyone and wagging his tail.”

CREDIT: The Mayhew Animal Home

Outside, the palm of his hand instructs him to remain still.

The Mayhew Animal Home’s Raffy Hamid stated:

“Our team is teaching him communication skills and rewarding him with treats.”

CREDIT: The Mayhew Animal Home

The Mayhew Animal Home’s Eric Hugenberg stated:

“He responds by wagging his tail (excitedly), leaping for more attention, and being patted on the head when he does anything well, such as sitting, staying, standing, or walking. He is really loving.”

CREDIT: The Mayhew Animal Home

Gordon reminds us that no impairment makes an animal less desirable; its way of offering affection is the same as that of a healthy dog.

CREDIT: The Mayhew Animal Home

For more than a year, this bright dog waited for someone to offer him the opportunity to have a permanent home, but his condition reduced his chances of being adopted.

Still, Gordon is an exceptionally loving animal, and the folks who cared for him at the shelter did not rush to give him up; instead, they painstakingly sought him a proper home and assisted him by teaching him sign language.

CREDIT: The Mayhew Animal Home

Gordon was ultimately adopted by a fireman in August after learning sign language following his lengthy stint at The Mayhew Animal Home. Despite being one of the shelter residents with the longest stay, this lovely canine fell in love with 31-year-old Richard Neenan and his partner Josanne.

CREDIT: The Mayhew Animal Home

A staff member from The Mayhew Animal Home added:

“I’ve never seen such a positive reaction to an adoption. We’ve all been waiting for this moment for a long time, and we couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful puppy. Despite his deafness, he is the most confident, lively, and clever dog who earned a second shot after being here for so long.”

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