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Cat Sneaks Into Stranger’s House Every Morning To ‘Fix’ Her Hair

Grey Cat seems to be pleased with her existence outside, on her own. She didn’t rely on anybody – until a newcomer arrived into the neighborhood. The stray then resolved to become a member of that family and groom her people as much as she could, as if to say, “Thank you for embracing me.”


“I say she’s not my cat, but she’s definitely picked me as her person,” Grey Cat’s new mom, Jessica Heidelberg, told The Dodo. “She’s really lovely and affectionate, but she doesn’t enjoy staying inside all the time, so I give her the option.”

The ex-stray no longer visits the neighbors’ houses – and with good cause.


“She clearly prefers to eat my hair,” Heidelberg observed. “She also enjoys lying, standing, or napping on my chest.” In affection, she will bite my face softly. But she enjoys ‘doing’ my hair whenever I sit in my favorite chair.”

Cats groom for a multitude of reasons, including impulses developed as kittens, stress relief, and “sharing” the family’s fragrance.


When Heidelberg came into the region a year ago, the near-daily grooming began.

“She just sorta came up, hungry and nice,” Heidelberg said. “I used to feed her outside since she loved to torment my three pampered cats and defend their food bowl.”


Heidelberg hadn’t given it much attention until her 6-year-old daughter began sneaking the cat inside on a daily basis. The intelligent feline got at ease with the household, making it her home as well.

“Grey Cat leaps in any open door, goes to hork down some food, and then acts as if she rules the home,” Heidelberg said.


Grey Cat had previously lived outside, therefore isn’t comfortable to be completely inside or outside. As a result, Heidelberg reached an agreement.

“I allow her in when it’s chilly or raining, or whenever she decides she needs a free supper,” she explained. “I let her out when she’s had enough or whenever she wants.” I let her snooze, play hair stylist, or play with my cats’ mouse toys, which they don’t mind.”


Grey Cat enjoys the best of both worlds, as well as a new family.

“We simply began calling her Grey Cat,” she explained, “so I didn’t become attached.” “However, [Grey Cat] had other intentions. This is her new home.”

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