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Dog And Cat See Each Other After A Year Apart — And Have The Sweetest Reunion

When April Butler agreed to look after Bobbie, a cat she’d helped foster a year before, she was overjoyed at the thought of seeing her old buddy again. But she wasn’t sure how Winnie, her dog, would respond.

Butler wasn’t sure if Winnie would remember Bobbie after so many years since they had bonded while Bobbie was a foster child.

Butler, it turned out, didn’t have to be concerned.

“I could see she recognized her closest pal right away,” Butler told The Dodo.


Butler opted to reintroduce the duo by allowing Bobbie to approach from the other side of a glass door since Winnie may be an anxious and reactive child.

Winnie began wagging her tail as soon as she noticed Bobbie through the glass. She recognized her friend and was overjoyed.


“I couldn’t believe Winnie’s joy and how soon she knew Bobbie – you could feel their love for each other!” Butler stated. “What a fantastic event to behold!”

That moment may be seen here:


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Bobbie was just 6 weeks old when she initially moved in with Butler and Winnie. Her new dog buddy captivated the curious cat. It was love at first sight for both of them.

Butler explained, “Winnie and Bobbie had the nicest relationship and were best friends.” “Having a fuzzy buddy for Winnie was great, and they would play all day if we let them. Winnie was very patient and caring, and for a dog who is afraid of so many things, Bobbie brought so much joy and comfort!”


Bobbie was accepted into her permanent home after four months of friendship, and Winnie was heartbroken to see her companion go.

“Saying goodbye was bittersweet, especially for Winnie,” Butler added. “From her viewpoint, Bobbie appeared one day and then vanished, leaving us to move on to the next chapter!” When we returned home from walks, Winnie would search the house for Bobbie and wait outside the laundry door, where Bobbie used to hang out.”

Winnie eventually came to terms with the fact that her companion was no longer with her.


Winnie had no idea Bobbie had been adopted by someone in Butler’s network. When Bobbie’s new family went on vacation, they asked Butler, who knew Bobbie so well, to keep an eye on her.

And thus, apparently out of nowhere, Winnie’s bestie reappeared.

Winnie and Bobbie demonstrate that when it comes to closest friends, it doesn’t matter how much time passes – when you’re together, it feels exactly the same.

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