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Cat Who Once Hated Being Touched Now Hugs Every Grumpy Cat He Meets

Humphrey was only 4 months old when a kind stranger discovered him unconscious in the middle of a highway intersection. Fortunately, he was transported to Hands of Mercy Cat Sanctuary and received quick, lifesaving care from a devoted rescue team.


Brenda Wilkson, the small orange cat’s savior, remarked his spirit was always peaceful and powerful as he healed. As a result, she named him Humphrey, which means “calm warrior.”

“I could tell he was a survivor, and I wanted him to know I knew,” Wilkinson explained to The Dodo.

The gentle warrior, on the other hand, did not tolerate humans. “He was afraid of everything,” Wilkinson explained.


Even though Humphrey felt uncomfortable receiving any type of love or affection, Wilkinson refused to give up on him.

“It took him about a month to learn to purr for me,” Wilkinson added. Humphrey never stopped purring once he started.

“He’s always purring,” she continued. “All you have to do is stare at him, and he’ll start.”

Humphrey began showering affection on the other cats in the refuge as soon as he accepted it from Wilkinson. Wilkinson paid special attention to individuals who felt the same way he did: “Everybody who needs a little loving,” he said, “I find them embracing Humphrey.”


Benny, or “Angry Benny,” as he’s affectionately known by his Hands of Mercy family, is one of many cats that came into the shelter afraid to be loved. Although the wild kitten is still not fond of humans, Wilkinson says there is one caretaker at the refuge from whom Angry Benny will accept comfort: Humphrey.

Humphrey’s gentle warrior attitude allows him to not only set a paw on Benny — a skill his rescuers are still working on — but also draw him in for a snuggle when necessary. Wilkinson described him as “a tiny love magnet.” “I’m not sure what that is.”

While some cats enter the sanctuary fearful of human contact, others are scared of other cats. But Humphrey’s magnetism always attracts them to him, eventually.


This was the situation with Kevyn, who did not “tolerate other cats,” according to Wilkinson. Humphrey’s loving paws found their way over to Kevyn’s body quickly, and they have remained there ever since.

Humphrey was expected to stay at Hands of Mercy until he was well enough to be adopted. Humphrey will now get to spend the remainder of his days as the sanctuary’s in-house nurturer, offering affection to other cats who just need a companion.

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