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Grouchy Cat Has Total Change Of Heart When Family Brings Home A Kitten

You’d never guess it by looking at them today, but Moose and Goose were once more than just partners in crime.

In truth, their connection was icy to begin with.


The cats’ owners recently released a cute video showcasing how far Goose and Moose have gone since meeting. In the now-viral TikTok video, Moose meets her new kitten sister for the first time, coming across as quite the grump in the process.

Moose even hisses at one point. Not exactly a warm welcome.

But suddenly everything changed.

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If Moose’s parents had concluded their cat’s initial response meant they’d made a mistake in acquiring Goose, their bond might never have evolved. Fortunately, they were aware of the need of taking things slowly, as recommended by experts when introducing an older cat to a new kitten.

And it all worked out.

“We couldn’t believe how quickly she warmed up to him!” The proprietor of Moose and Goose wrote. “Within a day, she was grooming him and keeping an eye on him as he slept.”

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