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Child With Autism Manages To Be Sociable Thanks To A Pit Bull

Joey Granados, an autistic kid, is able to interact with others because to his Pit Bull, Roxy. When Joey was diagnosed with autism at the age of seven, his mother realized his life would be difficult. He had always struggled to connect with other youngsters and make friends until he met Roxy.

Joey’s autism made him desire to be alone and he frequently struggled with social situations on his alone. So he asked his mother, Amanda, if he might have a dog to aid him with his social life. Joey and Amanda met Roxy, a pit bull, at Best Friends Animal Society, and Roxy immediately gravitated toward Joey. He’d never felt such a connection with anyone before like he has with Roxy, which is huge for a person with autism.

CREDIT: Amanda Granados

Roxy and Joey both had to deal with prejudices and stigmas in their daily lives. Fortunately, another charity, Pawsitive, collaborated with Best Friends, Joey, and their mother to create a film about Joey and Roxy’s journey. “Pit bulls have a horrible reputation,” Amanda says in the video. “Children with autism are also given a terrible rap. Put these two things together and see how awesome they can be.”

Joey and Roxy’s friendship is beautiful; this story demonstrates that a Pit Bull and a special child can be very good friends; it also contributes to raising awareness and dispelling myths about these animals, which have a bad reputation and are frequently discriminated against, making it difficult to find them a home.

CREDIT: Amanda Granados

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