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Dog Jumped From A Moving Van To Flee From His Raptors

Little Jax was kidnapped from his home in Austin, Texas, but owing to his great bravery, the puppy was able to flee the robbers and return to his adoring human parents. The dog got out of the moving wagon and ran back to his family. Jordan Quick and his girlfriend were out of the apartment when robbers stormed in and took their 12-week-old dog.

Quick was frightened that he would never see his pet Jax again after seeing video footage of the burglars on a neighbor’s surveillance camera.

“He is very loyal. he’s definitely daddy’s kid.”

CREDIT: Jordan Quick

Quick and his girlfriend set up a Facebook page in an attempt to get information about their lost pet. What they didn’t realize was that Jax was urgently attempting to contact them.

CREDIT: Jordan Quick

Jax escaped from his kidnappers on his own by jumping out of the back of a van. A nice soul discovered him on the side of the road, wounded; the animal had a shattered pelvis.

CREDIT: Jordan Quick

Quick received word that his puppy was safe and being cared for after the dog was taken to a veterinarian. This week, the joyful family assembled.

Jordan stated:

“When I got there, it was like he was yelling ‘hello!’ hopping and wagging his tail, he was so thrilled.”

CREDIT: Jordan Quick

Jax will require surgery to help him heal; he wants to make a complete recovery, and Quick is grateful to everyone who helped Jax go home.

“We want to thank everyone who helped save him and the veterinarians who cared for him; Facebook and social media are tremendous tools.”

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