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Crow Comes Back To Visit Family Who Saved Him Whenever He Wants A Cuddle

Dana Bryce and his fiancée were doing some outside cleaning and rearranging on their terrace one day when they noticed several crows making a disturbance nearby. They went to investigate and spotted a little baby crow on the ground.


The baby crow was plainly too young to be on his own and appeared to be in distress. The couple discussed their alternatives and agreed that taking him home, nursing him back to health, and then releasing him back into the wild was the best option.

“We kept him warm in a container with some newspaper and grass and fed him every half hour,” Bryce said to The Dodo.

They called him Oscar and cared for him till he recovered his health. He recovered fast and appeared to be ready to return to the wild. Because his mother and brothers were still close, the couple felt comfortable releasing him. Even though they were sad to see him depart, they were relieved that he was returning to his family and that they might even see him flying around from time to time.

That request was granted a day and a half later.

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Oscar came swooping down from the woods, shouting, so happy to see his rescuers again, when the couple was out on the deck again. He jumped about and hugged with them, as if to express his gratitude for sparing his life.

Oscar now visits his rescue family practically every day. He may live in the wilderness, but they are his second home, and he enjoys being able to fly over and say hello anytime he pleases.


“He remains on the terrace and in the trees all day,” Bryce explained. “He likes to bounce around and land on us, and he joins us on walks with our daughter. He’s outspoken and forceful. He’s curious and likes to come in the house and hang out on the window sills.”


Oscar has even become friends with the household cat and enjoys spending time with her as much as he does with his rescue parents.

“He’s really nice with our cat, and she’s quite friendly with him,” Bryce explained. “He landed on her outdoors once, and she simply laid down and didn’t seem to notice!”

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Oscar’s life was saved by Bryce and his fiancée, and it’s apparent that he’ll never forget it.

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