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‘Baby Werewolf’ Kitten Changes Color In Front Of Rescuer’s Eyes

Emilie Rackovan met Fievel when he was just two days old. The kitten was the size of a mouse and fit perfectly in her palm.

Fievel was born with a fever coat, the result of his mother’s tremendous stress while pregnant, and he was silver and scruffy, like what Rackovan called as a “baby werewolf.”


Fievel was the lone survivor of his siblings when his mother, a wild cat, gave birth prematurely and neglected her babies. Rackovan knew it would be difficult for the silver kitten to grow into a healthy cat, but she could see he was a warrior.

“In general, premature kittens do not survive because the odds are stacked against them,” Rackovan says. “He really is a miracle.”


Fievel was so little that he couldn’t drink from a bottle for the first week with his foster mom. Rackovan fed him by hand at all hours of the day and night. Fortunately, she wouldn’t have to bear all of his care for long.

“I was fostering a mom and infants Fievel’s age for another shelter and asked if I could try to introduce Fievel to them,” Rackovan explained. “I placed Fievel with Persephone (the mother) and the babies, and she quickly took to him.”


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Fievel looked at ease being a member of a cat family, and he swiftly began to grow – and change.

Fievel’s fever coat began to shed, exposing the kitten’s real colors. Rackovan expected Fievel to be a gray and white cat, but when he was approximately a month old, he underwent an incredible change.


“Around three weeks, I noticed the white tips on his fur starting to peek through, but that is very typical of a fever coat,” Rackovan said. “After around four weeks, the roots on his back began to become a dark gray, and his legs turned jet black.” I wasn’t sure if he’d be dark gray or black.”


“He’s become black and darker,” she continued. “I had no idea he was going to be a tuxedo. All of my foster buddies are astounded, and none of us have ever seen a kitten coat metamorphosis like his!”

Fievel has not only changed on the surface, but the previously shy orphan has grown into a confident, young cat.

“Fievel is the cutest kitty ever!” Rackovan explained. “He performs the ‘scary cat,’ which is when he arches his back and jumps toward you.” I play along because he loves to believe he’s threatening!”

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