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Woman Is Surprised To Catch Her Foster Kitten Snuggling An Outdoor Cat

Megyn Scott-Hintz first met Garfield at her local animal hospital a few weeks ago. After discovering the 5-week-old stray outdoors alone, a kind stranger dropped him off.

Scott-Hintz realized she had to take in the frail orange cat that needed a foster home. “He had fleas, ear mites, and was skin and bones,” Scott-Hintz told The Dodo.


Garfield was remarkably peaceful and laid back when she took him home. “He was obviously quite friendly with humans,” Scott-Hintz added, “which surprised me because most outdoor kittens at that age are still hissy and wild.” “At that moment, he seemed to have no trouble with humans — no fear of anything.”

Garfield sought solace wherever he could and soon made friends with Captain Pickles, Scott-senior, Hintz’s semi-feral porch cat. “Pickles decided to come in for some supper one night and observed [Garfield],” Scott-Hintz explained. “As soon as Pickles sat down on the couch, Garfield approached him, and they sniffed noses and that was the end of it.”

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Pickles had never shown any interest in any of Scott-other Hintz’s foster kids, but he rapidly became Garfield’s most devoted guardian. “It takes a lot for [Pickles] to want to come inside, so it was surprise that he wanted to come inside and hang out with Garfield,” Scott-Hintz said. “He’s looking for Garfield, which is particularly nice.”


Pickles was adopted by Scott-Hintz almost nine years ago. He’d been ear-tipped and neutered, so she assumed he’d grown up in a cat colony. Scott-Hintz tried for years to help Pickles become a house cat, but she could see he wasn’t happy.

“He hid all the time and never came out,” Scott-Hintz explained. “Once he was allowed to go outside and spend as much time as he wanted on our porch, he became an entirely different cat.”


Garfield turned out to have more health difficulties than Scott-Hintz initially suspected, and he was soon back at the emergency vet.

Garfield arrived home after a rough few days, and Pickles was happy to see his baby again.

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“As soon as he returned, Pickles groomed him incredibly,” Scott-Hintz recalled. “He was like, ‘You’ve got to get clean.'” You’re revolting.’ And if I attempted to stop Pickles from grooming him, Pickles would bite me. ‘Don’t touch the baby,  Keep your distance from him. I know exactly what I’m doing.'”

“I wonder if Pickles sensed anything was up with Garfield,” she said.


Pickles’ attentiveness never wavered as Garfield’s condition deteriorated. Pickles consoled Garfield during his health worries until the little cat appeared to be on the mend.

“I can tell Pickles wants to be around Garfield now that he’s feeling better,” Scott-Hintz added. “He’s not keeping such a tight eye on him.”


Scott-Hintz is optimistic about their future, especially when she sees Garfield begin to return the favor and groom Pickles.

“I’m hopeful Garfield will make a full recovery and eventually find a wonderful adopted home.” “Scott-Hintz stated the following. “And I hope Pickles can keep being coaxed inside and teaching Garfield how to be a proper cat.”

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