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Blind Dog’s Family Changes Their Life With This Device

Buddy, a 13-year-old dog, and his family’s life have been transformed by this gadget after the dog lost his sight and stumbled over everything. “He started losing sight in his right eye approximately four or five months ago,” said Jesse Foy, Buddy’s human mother’s fiancé. Buddy, like many senior canines and blind people, has cataracts in both eyes.

Buddy’s vision began to deteriorate fast about a month ago, and the dog was terrified. Berg and Foy had to transport him back and forth, so his family devised a great plan.

Foy claims he was inspired by another product he saw on the internet. These items would be too hefty for Buddy’s little frame, so the pair went to the hardware shop and brainstormed the idea. Bolts, washers, butterfly nuts, plastic hanger, harness, and other components, they were among the materials utilized.

So far, the outcome has been a complete success. “He still trips over stuff,” Berg explained, “but the gadget hits the object first.” Buddy is being warned to avoid head-on accidents. Buddy’s confidence has returned. He enjoys exploring and following his human parents around the home, and he can eat and drink without difficulty.

A blind dog’s journey might be frightening, but Berg and Foy converted a potentially disastrous scenario into something beautiful. “It was all worth it when Buddy started walking again, wagging his tail and attempting to leap. I will go to any length for both of us “Foy said.

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