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Grieving Dog Meets New Kitten Sibling And Immediately Gives Her Hugs And Kisses

It’s not always simple to welcome a new family member. Meeting his new cat sister, on the other hand, brightened Martin’s day.


Martin wasn’t accustomed to being alone, even though he was the only pet in the house before the new kitten came. Alma, his Labrador sister and dearest companion, perished just a year ago. “He suffered through some depression since Alma wasn’t here anymore,” Martin’s mother, Emilia Ivan, told The Dodo. “He felt quite lonely and depressed.”

When Ivan learned that a tiny cat had been abandoned in a nearby field, she knew she had to give her the home and affection she deserved. Ivan was first apprehensive to introduce Martin to the new kitten. But, as Ivan said, “The first night [they met], it was love at first sight.”


Martin’s initial encounter with the cat included plenty of moist licks and snuggles. “He looked after her,” Ivan explained.

Watch Martin meet his sister here:

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Soon after bringing home the first cat, Ivan and her boyfriend discovered a second kitten, this time abandoned in their yard. “We suspect she was put there by someone who noticed we had another kitty,” Ivan explained. “She was scared and alone.”


Martin was as welcoming to the second kitty. Martin’s family has integrated the kittens easily, and he is one of their primary carers.

“He pays a lot of attention to them and looks after them,” Ivan explained. “He acts as though he is their mother and they are his daughters.”


Martin’s sadness has been lessened by the presence of the kittens, according to Ivan and her partner. “He almost seemed grateful for them,” Ivan observed. And witnessing Martin engage with the kittens has heightened their affection for him in unexpected ways.

“I’ve always adored Martin, but seeing how gentle and playful he is with the kittens now,” Ivan remarked, “it’s beautiful.”

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