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Dog Adopts Orphaned Cats After Her Puppy Was Stillborn

Penny, a dog, adopts orphaned cats after losing her puppy; she was heartbroken after giving birth to a deceased puppy. Penny was sobbing a lot that night and wouldn’t let her human parents leave her side; the poor animal could practically be seen crying.

The next day, Dale Fulk and his partner Jeffery Mullins began anxiously phoning local Virginia shelters to see if there were any newborn pups in need of a mother; they hoped that giving Penny babies would be an opportunity to help her heal from the loss of her puppy.

CREDIT: Cat’s Cradle

They came to Cat’s Cradle, a rescue institution in Harrisonburg, Virginia, during that time.

Matt Chan, the rescue center’s adoption and volunteer coordinator, stated:

“We said we had kittens.”

Cat’s Cradle had rescued five newborn kitties and taken them to the shelter a few days before after their mother had ceased caring for them.

The kittens were being bottle-fed by a host family, but when Fulk and Mullins called Cat’s Cradle, Chan suggested that Penny adopt them.

“This is the first time we’ve done something like this.”

The kittens were perfectly matched to the dog. Penny accepted them right away.

CREDIT: Cat’s Cradle

Penny was overjoyed to adopt those kittens, and as soon as they are big enough, they will leave their adoptive mother and go to their new homes. Penny will also be sterilized, so her kittens will be her sole children.

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