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Woman Saves Puppies That Were Going To Be Thrown Off A Bridge

A lady in California, United States, saves pups that were about to be thrown down a bridge. She was walking when she noticed a homeless man on a bridge with a crate containing five pups dangerously near to the edge of the bridge. Her reaction changed forever the lives of the pups, as well as many others.

When she questioned what he planned to do with the pups, the homeless guy stated he couldn’t care for them and would therefore toss them overboard the bridge. The woman instantly informed the man that she could have the puppies, so she brought them to a nearby shelter, which took care of them despite having little resources.


Fortunately, the Humane Society Silicon Valley (HSSV) learned about the puppies and was eager to care for them and locate them a foster home. Kylo Ren, Finn, BB8, Rey, and Po were the names given to the five pups, two girls and three boys.

When a local news channel, ABC7, heard about the pups, they realized they had to do something. ABC7 has a program for homeless dogs in the news called Perfect Pets. They took them to the show, where they obviously behaved like the curious pups they are and began chewing everything.


The puppies melted the hearts of everyone in the room, as well as those who have viewed the segment since “People lined up the next day to adopt them. Within a half-hour, they were all adopted “said Finnegan Dowling, HSSV’s director of social media.


The five pups now have loving families owing to that woman who refused to allow such brutality to be done against them.

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