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Dog Tries To Hide New Kitten From Family So No One Else Can Play With Him

Colleen Harrison and her family were unsure how their dogs would respond when they got a little cat called Casper. Usually, their pittie, Minnie, is the one who likes caring for little animals, but as soon as their second dog, Rex, encountered Casper, it was quite literally love at first sight.


Rex is considerably younger than Minnie and loves to play, and he and Casper have a very similar enthusiasm. They love to play and snuggle together all day — and at first, when anyone else tried to play with the new kitten, Rex wasn’t thrilled.


“At first, Rex didn’t want anyone around the kitten,” Harrison explained to The Dodo. “He was really possessive of him. He is the same way with our kids. When the kitten or our children are out of Rex’s sight or in an area he can’t get to, he merely sits nearby whimpering for them.”


While Rex and Casper were snuggled up together, he would try to hide his kitten friend from the rest of the family — but Casper is far too wiggly to stay hidden for long.

Rex adores Casper so much that he refused to share him with anybody else when he initially entered his life. Now, he’s gradually warming around to the notion – as long as he gets Casper to himself most of the time.


“Rex doesn’t mind other people handling or playing with the kitten now, but he keeps a close watch on him at all times,” Harrison explained.

When Rex and Casper first met, they were instant best friends for life, and the entire family is thrilled to see them grow up together.

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