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Lonely Shelter Cat Spends Months Waving At Everyone Who Walks By

Vali desired to be noticed beyond everything else. But, despite being surrounded by so many other lovely cats at the Community Cat Club, the 10-year-old tuxedo didn’t earn a second look from potential adopters. As a result, she began waving to everyone who went by her kennel.


Vali came at the New Jersey shelter when her previous caregiver passed. The senior female, renowned for her chirping meow and habit of tapping people when she wants more pets, was determined to locate someone who might assist her in beginning a new chapter. She needed everyone to know she desired love.

“She constantly [wanted] to be with you and snuggle,” a Community Cat Club employee told The Dodo.


She spent some time in a foster family, but she seemed indifferent, maybe because she knew it wasn’t permanent. She needed to return to the shelter in order to locate her new family.

Vali had been waving for a long time after six months under the care of the Community Cat Club. She was waving at people not only in New Jersey, but all throughout the country and the world, according to a shelter Facebook post.

“Her small video touched so many people,” stated the Community Cat Club in a Facebook post.

Vali eventually discovered the appropriate person after trying to connect with anybody passing through the window.

Someone noticed Vali in the Facebook post and was moved by the cat’s adorable determination, decided to set up an adoption meeting right away. It was an instant connection.


“[Her] new mother…  saw her today in person and felt it was meant to be,” stated the Community Cat Club in a Facebook post.

Vali no longer has to wave and wave – she’s found a home where she’ll always get all the love she needs.

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