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They Rescue Pit Bull That Lived In The Remains Of A Burned House

They save a Pit Bull from a burning house, where the animal may have lived with his human family. Katie Krupp came across this surprise on her way to work. Although Katie is used to seeing stray dogs in East Detroit, the situation of this specific puppy grabbed her heart, and it was no surprise given that the roof was going to fall and it was critical to save the dog.

The white pit bull stood out in the charred attic of a home about to collapse, alone on an old mattress. Katie raced to contact the Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue for assistance in rescuing him from the precarious building. The Detroit Pit Crew’s director, Theresa Sumpter, collaborated with volunteers to get the frightened dog safely rescued.

CREDIT: Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue

Theresa Sumpter and Jessica Timon climbed the ancient stairs to the top of what remained of the old building. When the dog noticed them, he raced out to the porch eaves.

CREDIT: Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue

It appears that the rescue was easier said than done. “I felt my heart would burst when I saw her racing near the edge of the roof, as if she was ready to jump,” Theresa added.

The rescue was inevitable after a 45-minute wait. Both the pit bull and the volunteers made it out of the scary situation unharmed. Juno, the pit bull, is around 16 months old.

“Today’s rescue was unquestionably nerve-racking. We were terrified the dog we were attempting to save might jump from the roof of the burning house, but thankfully our professional members were able to secure it.” On Facebook, Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue stated “Thank you to Kimberly Craig for coming to assist us, as well as the firemen for coming to ensure our safety. Thank you also to the nice individual who contacted us about the puppy, as well as Jonathan and his cousin for their assistance in this rescue.”

CREDIT: Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue

Katie, the woman who originally noticed the dog and contacted rescuers, has already fallen in love with Juno and is considering adopting him. “Juno is doing extremely well today; he’s now being cared for at an animal hospital,” Theresa added, adding that she didn’t know how long Juno had been living in the abandoned house.

CREDIT: Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue

Juno will be offered for adoption after it is determined that he is in good health and will be able to have a family permanently, in a cozier environment surrounded by a lot of affection.

CREDIT: Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue

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