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Guy Leaves His New Bedroom For 5 Minutes — And Comes Back To A Cat

Peter had just completed putting the finishing touches on the room he had just moved into and was feeling quite good. He walked away for a moment and returned, expecting everything to be exactly as he had left it, and it was.

Except for the cat, who is sitting in his garbage can.

He’d only been gone for about five minutes when he discovered the cat had infiltrated the house via the window. He discovered that the cat’s name was Zuko and that he belonged to the landlord, who also lived on the property, after some investigation. Zuko seems astonished to discover that someone had moved into his hangout location without first informing him.

“Apparently, the room used to belong to Zuko, therefore the landlord rented out Zuko’s room (I suppose without permission),” Peter’s mother, Judit (who requested that her last name be withheld), told The Dodo.


Zuko, on the other hand, determined that it didn’t matter. He was going to continue using the room as if it were his, and the new renter would simply have to put up with it.

“Zuko keeps slipping in, so my son locks his bedroom at night since he leaves to work early and doesn’t want to accidently lock Zuko in,” Judit explained.

Peter had no idea his new house came with a cat when he initially moved in, but he wouldn’t have it any other way.

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