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Officers Save The Life Of An Inmate’s Dog

Officers rescue the life of an inmate’s dog called Jeffrey Menendez, who now has a cause to grin despite being behind bars. Jeffrey is homeless and resides in Colorado, USA. He was charged with crimes and sentenced to 30 days in a Denver prison.

Despite the fact that the occurrence almost resulted in “a life sentence” owing to the poor man’s agony. When he was arrested, he was separated from his one companion in the world, his dog Bonnie. Bonnie was brought to a county-run shelter to “pass away” after Jeffrey was arrested.


Jeffrey was distraught after he was locked up, and it was clear why. After failing to follow one of the jail regulations, he was taken to talk with the jail captain, who saw Jeffrey’s danger and offered to listen politely.

“He was worried about his dog because he didn’t know what was going to happen to her,” said Denver Sheriff Department spokesperson Simon Crittle. “The inmate was terrified that he would never see his puppy again. He was much more concerned that the dog would be put down.”

That’s when the correctional staff decided to step in and assist him. “They simply recognized how important this dog was to this man,” Simon explained.

Bonnie was discovered to be alive, and the authorities ensured that she remained so. “The agents phoned the city’s animal shelter, which is similarly a simple institution to manage. They spoke with the persons in charge of the shelter about having Bonnie stay there until this prisoner was released “Simon stated. “Apparently, keeping an animal like this is rare for them, but they made an exception.”


To meet Bonnie’s request for assistance, the shelter demands that the expense of her care be paid at the rate of $246 per month. That’s why agents reached out to New Hope Cattle Dogs Rescue of Colorado, a non-profit organization that volunteered to pay the cost.

Of course, Jeffrey was overjoyed to hear the news. “He takes his puppy everywhere. He’s a person who’s been through a lot, and I believe that’s why the dog means so much to him “Simon stated. “He’ll be out this weekend, and he’ll get his dog back.”

This isn’t the first time cops have collaborated with the rescue group to ensure an inmate’s dog is cared for until it is freed, according to Simon, who sees himself as a dog lover, “We want to do the right thing,” he says.

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