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Retired Policeman Manages To Keep His Dog K9 That Was Going To Be Auctioned

Former cop Matthew Hickey, a former police officer, is able to keep his canine K9 despite the city of Marietta, Ohio’s desire to auction it off. Matt and his dog Ajax have an extremely strong relationship; they live in the same house and have worked together every day for the past three years.

When Matt retired from the police force after 30 years of service, he wanted to take the dog with him, but he was informed he had to buy it because it was owned by the city and could still work for another six years. Ajax was valued at $3,500 and would have to be auctioned off under Ohio law.

CREDIT: Matthew Hickey

Corey Orr set up a GoFundMe campaign to assist Matt in raising enough money to win the auction and keep his closest buddy. The campaign has raised more than $70,000 after starting with a $3,500 target. Corey said he expected a couple thousand dollars in donations but not this much.

CREDIT: Matthew Hickey

At a press conference, city authorities stated that social media fundraising attempts were unnecessary since a plan had been put in place for Matt Hickey to retain the dog.

As a result, the Police Department and Matt came to an agreement: the retired cop was assigned as an auxiliary agent, allowing him to remain with Ajax. The Marrieta Police Department issued a statement saying, “It’s the greatest possible solution for everyone.”

CREDIT: Matthew Hickey

Matt is able to keep his puppy after pleading with the auctioneer not to auction it. He claims that the circumstance has influenced him. “I retired with the intention of becoming a hermit and living in solitude since I had been working the night shift since 1996 and was fatigued, but now I’m a new guy as a result of the support.”

“As an auxiliary, you are welcome. No worries. I am completely prepared to go above and beyond for your benefit, the good of Ajax, and the advantage of the community “Marietta Police Chief Rodney Hupp stated.

Corey says contributions began in the area, but they have now gotten funds from Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom. Any remaining funds will be donated to charities and organizations that deal with police dogs.

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