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People Are Loving This Little Spider Who Looks Like A Happy Old Man

Yomikikaseya Sachie of Japan was out in her yard last month admiring the spring flowers when she noticed a little critter that looked to be enjoying the petals as well.

A small spider was sitting happily on one of the blooms.

But not just any spider.


This little spider had an unsettling aura about it.

The design on his body seems very familiar.


On closer study, Sachie saw it resembled the face of an older guy, complete with a white mustache and a large, beaming smile.

He seemed pleased to see her!


Sachie might easily have kept this beautiful experience to herself, but fortunately for the rest of us, she did not. Sachie, on the other hand, turned to Twitter to spread the news about the small man-faced spider.

And people are loving it. Sachie’s tweet has received tens of thousands of likes and shares since then.

Later, in a post about the experience on her own blog, Sachie identifies the spider as a “Kohanagumo” – a species of crab spider from the genus Diaea.

These spiders’ patterns appear to differ from individual to individual, darkening as they age. However, a short web search for additional spiders like the one Sachie witnessed reveals that their markings are frequently shockingly face-like.


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It’s surprising what animal marvels may be discovered when you pause to smell the flowers.

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