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Baby Owl Stranded On Ground Had Lost Hope Of Ever Being Saved

Someone walking their dog through a park in Longmeadow, Massachusetts, came across a really sad and tragic scene. A stranded newborn great horned owl was rain-soaked and shivering on the ground.

He’d obviously fallen out of his nest and had no way of returning.

And it was evident from his expression that the tiny kid had already given up hope.


What the small owl didn’t realize was that assistance was on its way.

The individual who discovered him notified the Longmeadow Police Department. Officer Peter MacElhiney arrived on the scene to assist.


“This was my first experience with a juvenile owl,” MacElhiney told The Dodo. “We occasionally see them around town. Its talons were fully developed and could certainly cause harm. It’s always nice to be able to assist a creature, but I wasn’t sure if it would have been better to simply leave it.”

Given that the owl was wet and cold, and at risk of being attacked by a predator where he was, MacElhiney chose to transport him to safety.

The little owl was now in good hands (even though he didn’t seem totally convinced of that at the time).


MacElhiney returned the owl to the station in a box. Following that, he contacted Thomas Ricardi, manager of the Massachusetts Birds of Prey Rehab Facility; he knows a feathered pair that are most qualified to assist.

“The owl will be raised by his two adult owls,” MacElhiney explained. “His goal is to release the birds once they can fend for themselves.”

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