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Orphaned Baby Otter Walks Into Family’s Garage Seeking Help

It’s difficult to say how this small baby otter ended herself all alone and in dire need of assistance — but there’s no question she knew exactly where to look for it.


Tamera-Kay Greenwell and her husband were talking inside their garage in Florida when an unexpected guest snuck in through the open door. Initially, the couple had no idea what the small creature was, just that she looked to be lost.

Greenwell told The Dodo, “At first, I assumed she was a ferret.” “It was around 8 p.m. at the time. ‘Oh my gosh, where is Mama?’ was my first thought. Because I was aware she was a baby. I believed she was going to perish from her sobs.”

Greenwell concluded she was a baby otter, too young to be walking around by herself, after closer inspection.


Greenwell had never seen an otter before, but their neighbors across the street have a creek, and she appeared to have come from there. So they wrapped a blanket around her and transported her from the garage back to her watery home.

And there was the end of it, or so Greenwell thought.


The Greenwells realized the next morning that the young otter had returned and was waiting for them in the garage.

Greenwell began to assume that something had happened to her mother and that she was asking their help because she hadn’t stayed in the creek where they had placed her. They did not return her to the creek this time. Instead, they gave the otter cat food.

It turned out that the young otter was starving.


Greenwell wasn’t sure what to make of the otter’s frequent visits, but she felt something needed to be done to assist her.

“I’m thinking she came to the house she knew would keep her safe — to find safety,” she explained. “She was scared, sweet, and lovable all at the same time.”

Greenwell phoned animal services to pick up the probably orphaned otter and transfer her to Clay Humane, Inc. for a health examination rather than leaving her to fend for herself or risk exposing her to too much harmful human contact.


The otter was discovered with a minor cut on her ear, but she is generally healthy. Because she’s just 4 to 6 weeks old, she’ll need a lot of attention to gain the strength she’ll need to live in the wild on her own.

And she seemed to be ready to get started.

The otter’s new caregivers concur that she is most likely an orphan, claiming that she was rescued barely in time.

Fortunately, her tenacity in seeking assistance paid off.

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