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Woman Sees Fish Literally Falling Apart At Store — And Decides To Change His Life

This poor little fish didn’t have a buddy in the world until approximately a month ago.

The fish’s situation couldn’t have been worse, confined within a tiny cup of lukewarm water, buried in the shadows on the back of a Walmart shop shelf beneath nicer betta fish. His sickly pale carcass had literally rotted away and dissolved in the bottom of the cup. His days, it seems, were numbered.

But then the fish met someone who was interested in him.


Victoria Schild hadn’t intended to pick up any pets when shopping at Walmart, but when she saw this fish, she was sad. Pieces of his tail fin drifted to the surface as she lifted the cup for a closer look. She understood she had to take action.

“I felt extremely sorry for the little guy and decided that I didn’t want him to perish in there, simply rotting away,” Schild explained to The Dodo. “I was 95 percent certain he’d perish that night.”

So she purchased him out of that awful situation, wanting to provide him with comfort in a larger tank she owned for what seemed to be his final hours.


Things looked bad for the fish at first, but Schild refused to give up on him, and things really began to improve.

“When I returned home, I started reading everything I could to help him heal, and he probably started getting well within a week with clean warm water, meds, and basic care!” Schild stated.

The small fish’s emotions appeared to be lifted. He began to explore his new habitat by cautiously swimming about with his healed fins.

Things just got better from there.

Schild adjusted her fish’s water on a regular basis and gave him medicine to help him heal faster.

His tail began to sprout and his fins restored to normal — but even Schild had no clue what a magnificent fish he’d become.


Sure enough, after around four weeks of attentive care, the once sick fish was now completely unrecognizable.

Schild couldn’t believe it.


“I was blown away,” Schild added. “I knew there was a gorgeous tiny fish beneath it all. But it was his will to live and his tenacity that won me over.”

The small fish had traveled a long distance to reveal his true self. Schild called him Argo in honor of his magnificent, sail-like fins.


Argo’s miraculous metamorphosis in just a month required a lot of love, but seeing him today makes it all worthwhile for the person who transformed his life forever.

“He’s turned into a beautiful little fish,” Schild added. “I like seeing him swim around, leap for food, chase after my shadow, and generally be a cool little guy.”


Betta fish are frequently offered in retailers such as Walmart with the notion that their lives are disposable or of little worth. But there’s no denying that Argo’s life has always meant everything to him — and his gorgeous, healthy self is his way of thanking the person who consented to give him a chance to live.

“It’s awful that bettas are dismissed,” Schild stated. “They are wonderful little pets to have if they are given basic care and are properly set up. I’m hoping that Argo’s tale will raise awareness about the suffering of bettas and other fish in pet stores. We must be their voice.”

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