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Mother Dog And Puppies Found Tied Up In Sack In The Middle Of Nowhere

There’s no knowing what horrible reason drove someone to abandon this mother dog and her puppies, locked inside a bag, on a barren dirt road. But we do know that compassion is what got them all to safety.


Josiane Almeida, an animal rescuer from Lagoa da Prata, Brazil, was alerted to the dogs’ situation and rushed to the scene with her husband to assist. Nothing could have prepared them for what they were about to face.

“Some of the worst mistreated scenarios I’ve ever encountered,” Almeida said in an online post. “A sick mother was abandoned in the middle of nowhere with her pups wrapped in a bag. They’ve been there for a long time.”

The terrified mother dog was naturally apprehensive as Almeida approached, but she soon realized she was there to assist. One dog stood at her side, while three others were trapped in the sack – a tiny family who had been abandoned like trash by some terrible person.

This is the moment that things began to change for the better:

The mother dog looked to be suffering from an unknown health condition, and all four puppies were sickly and hungry.

But, at the very least, they were now in good hands.


After their terrifying ordeal, Almeida led the dogs to her house to eat, drink, and relax.


Later, Almeida sought the assistance of her town’s veterinarian. The puppies were deemed healthy, but their mother was found to have a cancerous tumor that required rapid treatment.

Almeida’s friends and followers came up to cover the expense of the dog’s treatment after she posted about it on social media.


The mother dog has started her first round of therapy and appears to be doing well, no doubt boosted by the idea that her kids are all safe and being cared for. When the time comes, everyone will be offered for adoption into loving families.

These dogs have a lot to be thankful for. Almeida, on the other hand, is grateful.


“Initially, this family had been trapped in a bag and sent out to perish, but God is good, and we were able to save them! They live well with me today!” Almeida wrote the piece. “Thank you, God, for this chance.”

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