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Random Horse Wanders Into Guy’s House And Makes Herself At Home

The neighborly spirit is certainly alive and well in the New Zealand town of Dunedin.

Just ask Sharq, a nice neighborhood horse.


Sharq snuck away from her owner’s house the other day to go for a walk around the neighborhood. Who knows what experiences she had along the road, but we do know where she ended up.

Sharq finished her adventure by walking into the home of a stranger, where she instantly made herself at home.

What’s maybe more amazing is how nonchalantly Sharq was welcomed.

Here’s a Facebook post from the homeowner who found himself unexpectedly hosting a horse:


Despite having taken a few liberties as an unwanted visitor, Sharq had found someone who was eager to accept her as a member of his family if she needed one.

Sharq’s owner, Ben Telfer-Hynes, was alerted to what his horse had done as a result of that post. Surprisingly, it wasn’t all that unexpected.

“She’s an inside horse, so it came as no surprise to me that she was hiding inside this man’s home,” Telfer-Hynes told The Dodo. “I’m delighted she was able to discover such a nice place to stay for a short time.”


The horse was safely returned to her proper residence without issue, but her journey that day isn’t altogether insignificant. It demonstrates that in the New Zealand town of Dunedin, a stranger is more like a buddy you haven’t met yet.

The same is true for neighbors who use the word “neigh.”

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