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A Cat Reunited with Its Owners After Accidentally Getting Donated to a Thrift Store

After its owners unintentionally donated it to a thrift store, a cat was safely returned to its owner.

According to the Denver Animal Shelter, the family in question donated a chair to a thrift store ahead of a major move. They had no idea their family cat, Montequlla, was lurking inside the chair at the time. Employees at the secondhand store where the chair had been donated spotted the cat and contacted Denver Animal Protection. Officers arrived and checked the cat’s microchip, but the information was out of date.

CREDIT: Aleksandr Dyskin/Shutterstock

Soon after, the chair-donating family discovered that their cat had gone missing. They went to the thrift store on a whim and were sent to Denver Animal Protection. Montequlla was eventually reunited with its owners.

“We are very glad for the joyful conclusion to this tale and are grateful to everyone involved in safely returning the adorable kitty home,” Denver Animal Shelter said on Facebook.

Let that serve as a lesson to you: inspect your furniture before donating it. You never know what — or who — lurks inside.

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