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Family Tries To Set Things Right After Their Cat Goes On A Crime Spree

Anyone wondering what Esme the cat has been up to these days doesn’t have to look far. Her family’s position was extremely clear:

No good.

Esme is undeniably a nice cat that enjoys petting and lengthy afternoon naps. But she’s also something that’s not that appealing. Esme is clearly a thief.

A photo of a sign posted outside Esme’s house warning the neighbors about her thievery has been making the rounds on social media.

Along with the notice is a clothesline with Esme’s stolen things, which are looking for their respective owners.


Esme appears to have a fondness for gloves.


It’s unknown when Esme’s crime spree began or how long it’s been going on, but one thing is certain: her family is doing everything they can to put things right.

According to the yard display, at least one of the cat’s victims has been made whole again.

As for Esme’s good reputation? Well, that might take a little longer to restore.

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