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Cat Won’t Stop Sending Her Mom’s Coworkers Mysterious Messages

Buffy, like many cats, will only take attention if it is on her terms. She’s incredibly caring and sweet, and she enjoys spending time with her mother – but only on her pace. Nobody else’s.

“If you attempt to pet her, she’ll slip away and sit somewhere on her own,” Buffy’s mother, Kate, told The Dodo. “However, once she decides she wants attention, she becomes the most cuddly cat ever.”

Buffy’s favorite time to attempt to catch her mother’s attention is while she’s at work.


Buffy realized she had to get part in her mother’s daily routine after the epidemic began and Kate began working from home. She didn’t want to sit around and watch her mother work on her laptop all day. She desired something more active than that, and she soon discovered the ideal job for herself.


“She normally sits with me at my computer chair for approximately 10 minutes every day before deciding she’s had enough and leaving,” Kate explained. “However, she will occasionally climb up on my desk and either stroll over or sit on my laptop keyboard.” Because I frequently have Microsoft Teams open for work, she will end up typing a long string of nonsense and then inadvertently step on the ‘enter’ key, sending the illogical message to my coworkers.”


Buffy is quite proud of her engagement in her mother’s profession, and all of Kate’s coworkers are as well.

“My coworkers find it humorous and always respond by laughing or messaging her back,” Kate explained.


Kate could probably find a method to prevent Buffy from hopping into her laptop and sending messages if she really wanted to. It doesn’t hurt anyone, and it may really be a terrific way to enhance company spirit.


“It’s humorous, and it makes my coworkers smile,” Kate added. “As long as she isn’t interfering with actual work, it’s innocent pleasure that could turn someone’s day around.” I’m sure if one of my coworkers’ cats sent me a message, I’d love it.”

Buffy clearly deserves to be named employee of the month. She’s deserved it.

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