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Dog Found An Abandoned Orphan Kitten And Adopted Him

During a stroll with her human mother, a dog discovered a newborn kitten. Bunny, the Border Collie, has been guarding and safeguarding the tiny man and assisting him in survival ever since.

Heather was walking Bunny when she began to smell offensively. That’s when she noticed there was a litter of abandoned kittens and the mother was nowhere to be seen.

CREDIT: Heather

“There was just one cat left alive,” she explained. The only one who survived was the infant. Heather snatched him up and dashed home to assist him. Heather has three cats and is an animal lover, so she understood precisely what the kitten needed to thrive.

She covered him in a towel after feeding him to keep him warm. The cat and Bunny formed a strong friendship very quickly.

CREDIT: Heather

Bunny stood vigil all afternoon to watch after the kitten. The tiny child crept to Bunny, his eyes still closed, looking for his mother.

CREDIT: Heather

The small boy began combing through Bunny’s fur. “Bunny was scared at first, but now she has to establish herself very effectively in her duty as a mother,” Heather explained. “I believe the kitten has been adopted by the dog.”

CREDIT: Heather

Bunny cleans it, cuddles with the baby, and spends a lot of time with him. Heather intended to bottle the kitten until he was old enough to find a home for himself, but the cat has already picked his new home and his new mother, Bunny.

CREDIT: Heather

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