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This Cat Was Abandoned On A Corner In New York With All His Belongings

A cat was left alone on a corner on Nostrand Avenue in Brooklyn, New York, with all of his things. Next to him were his litter box and other belongings, and the poor cat couldn’t stop sobbing when he realized he was alone in that place.

A horrifying photo was uploaded on the Facebook page of Brooklyn’s Flatbush Area Team for Cats (FAT Cats) rescue group, pleading for their quick rescue. Nostrand, as the cat was named, vanished shortly after being spotted when he was chased away by a street sweeper.

People who had heard about the story and were appalled by the feline’s terrible abandonment quickly went in search of him and  helped members of the rescue group locate him.

CREDIT: Fat Cats

“We’re a close-knit community, and individuals frequently post if they spot an animal in difficulty or in need of assistance,” said Elizabeth Champ, one of Fat Cats’ founders.

CREDIT: Fat Cats

“We’d want to thank our neighbors, many of whom took the time out of their day to look for this unfortunate kitty,” Fat Cats said on Facebook on the same day the photo was shared.

CREDIT: Fat Cats

After many days of searching, Nostrand was discovered in the backyard of Karen Oh, a local cat rescuer. “She quickly brought it to us to be tested and to see whether it had a microchip,” the rescue organization stated on Facebook. “It didn’t have a microchip, but it’s a healthy 1-year-old male cat,” said the shelter.

CREDIT: Fat Cats

Nostrand knew how to conduct himself throughout the tests. “He didn’t even mind having his blood drawn for the test,” she explained.

Fortunately, Nostrand, who is currently under Fat Cats’ care, will be castrated shortly and will then begin his hunt for a permanent home.

UPDATE: Nostrand waited over a month to be adopted because the rescue organization in charge of his case wanted to provide him the best home possible. This cat is now happy and will never be abandoned again.

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