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Paralyzed Cat Crawls To The Place Where She Left Her Babies

In Australia, a paralyzed cat crawls to the location of her newborn kittens. Dee Walton of Sawyers Gully Animal Rescue was informed by a woman who had been feeding a stray cat her kittens in her yard that the mother had been attacked by her neighbor.

“I was told that the neighbor had grabbed the mother by the tail and thrown her against a trailer,” Dee explained. “I’m guessing he assumed she was dead.” The cat’s sole offence was becoming stuck in the man’s yard.

Another rescue organization came on the location to take up the 1-week-old kittens at the moment Dee received the message. The mother’s body remained where it was, but something unexpected happened the next day.


Princess, as she was eventually named, was still alive, but the sad circumstance had left the cat paralyzed. She crawled to where she had left her kittens, using only her front legs because her hind legs were immobile owing to the injuries she had sustained in the violent attack.


Despite the difficulties, Princess was determined to be reunited with her children. Her wish was answered when she was discovered alive and sent to the RSPCA with her kittens. Because Princess had a microchip, they were able to locate her owner, who had decided to give her up and leave her with the RSPCA.

Dee expressed interest in caring for Princess and her baby after hearing her story, and decided to take the whole family home.


Princess will remain paralyzed for the rest of her life. She is unable to urinate or defecate on her own. She is a special needs cat who will spend her entire life at Sawyers Gully Animal Rescue, her new home.

She will continue to raise her kittens until they are old enough to be adopted. In the meanwhile, Princess will be given her own wheelchair to help her get around more comfortably.


Princess’ maltreatment was examined by police, which resulted in the arrest of the guy who attacked her. A recent Facebook post stated.

“Princess is a warrior; she teaches me not to give up every day,” Dee added. “I suppose the kittens inspired her to live.”

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