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This Cow Refuses To Leave The Side Of Her Injured Baby Until Both Were Rescued

A newborn cow was walking with her mother when her hoof was ran over, leaving the baby damaged and helpless on the ground. Animal Aid Unlimited, an Indian rescue group, learnt about the breeding in need and came to assist.

When Animal Aid came, someone had previously wrapped a towel around the calf’s hoof to stem the bleeding, but the calf still couldn’t stand. His mother was agitated and near to her kid, wanting to assist.

When the rescue crew scooped up the baby to carry him to safety, his mother panicked since she felt she wouldn’t see him again. She believed they were attempting to take her kid away from her and ran after him.

CREDIT: Animal Aid Unlimited

But the cow soon understood she was being taken with them, and after mom and baby were secure, rescuers were able to examine the newborn’s foot more closely.

CREDIT: Animal Aid Unlimited

The toe had been ripped off and would require weeks of therapy to mend entirely. The newborn was named Bambi, and his injuries were treated until he was entirely recovered and as lively as ever.

CREDIT: Animal Aid Unlimited

Bambi enjoys running and playing, but he never gets too far away from his mother. The little guy is now quite pleased since he has met new buddies.

Watch the rescue video below:

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