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Woman Ran Over A Frog With The Lawn Mower And Flew A Thousand Kilometers To Save It

Mim Tims of Queensland, Australia, accidentally ran over a green tree frog with his lawn mower. The injured frog was not just any frog; it was a native species that is becoming increasingly rare in Australia.

The woman accidentally hurt the frog in the head, and after learning about the species’ condition, she chose to travel with her to Frog Safe, an animal hospital. “The wound was infected, and the flesh on the shoulder bone where the knife had been sliced was necrotic,” said the hospital’s president, Deborah Pergolotti.

CREDIT: Frog Safe

The hospital personnel first focused on easing the animal’s visible agony, and after a few days, the patient showed an underlying problem, two types of intestinal parasites, but the frog improved significantly after several days of therapy.

CREDIT: Frog Safe

Some might ask, “Why spend so much money on such a small animal?” Deborah offers the solution: “The survival of this world is dependent on compassion and understanding for everybody. If individuals can casually dismiss someone in need of assistance (even little animals), then we as a species do not deserve to be helped.”

CREDIT: Frog Safe

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