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They Rescued A 2-Month-Old Cat Who Had Been Buried Under Rubble For Five Days In Almeria

They attempted to bury two litters of kittens beneath tons of mud, sand, and stones in Almeria, Spain; they were able to rescue six that day, but three were buried. They eventually recovered a 2-month-old cat that had lasted 5 days under the debris without eating or drinking.

They were two sisters, ages six and twelve, who heard her meows almost instinctively. A excavator penetrated the location where there were several kittens in a cave; they were able to rescue six of them, with three remaining that they could not discover right away.

A woman begged the workers not to move the dirt because kittens were still trapped within, and she pointed out which cave it was. The men urged her not to worry since nothing would happen and to get out of there.

When she returned and went to examine the location, they had already covered everything and buried the kittens, according to the woman, they were looking but thought they had perished. After 5 days, some girls heard the meows of a kitten and attempted to lift the stones and sand, but it was clearly impossible for them.

Several others worked for three hours clearing rubble until they found her. A guy managed to take her out of the wreckage alive.

Mila, as the tiny girl was named, is now healing alongside the other rescued kittens and seeking for a foster or permanent home, thanks to individuals who did not give up.

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