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Dog Becomes The Best Friend Of A Kitten Who Loves To Go To His Back

Many people believe that cats and dogs cannot get along, but three-year-old Jessie has become inseparable from a rescued four-month-old kitten named Koda.

The furry buddies reside with Emily Aubrecht in Alberta, Canada, and they like nothing more or less than going on adventures together. The lovely photographs show the pair exploring a section of the Canadian desert together.

Koda even “sticks” to Jessie’s back and goes on a stroll. Emily described Jessie as “extremely lively and loving; she likes bike trips, hikes, and swimming.”

“And Koda is also active and wild.” He enjoys wet meals, outside play, and chasing down feather toys.”

Emily adopted Koda owing of a house overcrowding problem. “Jessie joined Koda right away, she must have assumed it was her baby.”

Koda was also quite nice to Jessie from the start, never growling at her or anything. “I frequently see them playing and sleeping together,” Emily explained. They go on adventures together and really enjoy going to the pet store or the river,” she said.

“I got Koda a harness designed particularly for excursions so he could go,” Emily explains. “He was content on Jessie’s back, but not very satisfied.”

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