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This Dog Brings Comfort To Chimpanzees Who Have Been Left Alone After Losing Their Relatives

Princess was on the verge of being sacrificed when her present humans Jenny and Jimmy Desmond entered her life. They have a great love for animals, which Princess quickly learnt, since the helpful dog brings consolation to the chimps who have lost their family in a very natural way.

Without a doubt, Princesa understands that everyone deserves a second shot in life, which is why she is so concerned about the wellbeing of these primates. She was just a year old when she was rescued from a shelter.

CREDIT: The Desmond family

Princess was very interested in the Desmonds from the first time they came to see her; the gorgeous canine sought to get their attention in order to let them know she wanted to be adopted by them, and she was successful.

CREDIT: The Desmond family

The Desmonds resolved to embark on a 10-country journey to aid a great number of animals, demonstrating their deep affection for these species.

CREDIT: The Desmond family

When the New York Blood Center abandoned dozens of chimps, the Desmonds were outraged and decided to take over with the assistance of the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) and other local rescue teams.

The chimps would most likely have perished if the Desmonds hadn’t intervened.

CREDIT: The Desmond family

The Desmonds (including the princesses) traveled to Liberia to continue their solidarity work with these abandoned primates, as well as to provide shelter and rehabilitation to wildlife victims of unlawful killing.

CREDIT: The Desmond family

They are currently caring for five gorgeous chimps; this family has the wonderful gift of animal assistance. Chimpanzees are comforted by the dog, who makes them feel at home, surrounded by love and tranquility.

Jenny Desmond stated:

“They are being rehabilitated in Liberia so that they may live with a chimp family, where they truly belong.”

CREDIT: The Desmond family

Jenny stated:

“Princess gives her heart and soul to chimps, providing them with a secure haven to call “home.” She assists them in preparing for potential integration into a new chimp family at the rescue facility.”

CREDIT: The Desmond family

One of the Desmonds’ great objectives is to establish the first chimp sanctuary in Liberia, on which they are dependent on various partners, including the HSUS and the Liberian Forest Development Authority.

CREDIT: The Desmond family

Jenny continued:

“We have a waiting list of more (chimps) and will take them as soon as we have the ability and resources. The purpose is to care for them and offer them with a future existence with other rescued chimps, not humans.”

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