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This Dog Is Frozen By Fear Of Being Abandoned In A Shelter

The image of a dog terrified and paralyzed by the prospect of being abandoned at a shelter by its owner has gone viral on social media, demonstrating the meaning of irresponsible pet ownership. Tammy Graves, the founder of The Haley Graves Foundation in North Carolina, USA, took a touching photo of a dog who surrendered in a corner, apparently overwhelmed and afraid, after being turned over to an animal control agency.

The photo of Cash, the black Labrador, was later shared on Facebook.

Tammy stated:

“This is what happens when someone abandon their dog at a shelter.” This guy awoke comfortably on a couch or in a warm bed yesterday morning, expecting to be fed, got into the car thinking he was going to the park or if it was a bad day, to the vet.”

CREDIT: The Haley Graves Foundation

Tammy also stated:

“Instead, he went to a facility where 275 dogs were barking to be let out, it smelled like misery, and the doors were clanging shut all the time. The creatures pass through, never to be seen again. And he has no idea what will happen to him. He just knows he didn’t ask to be here. He didn’t even ask that irresponsible owners be born.”

CREDIT: The Haley Graves Foundation

The dog was terrified of moving and had been looking at the wall, unsure of his fate in that location.

CREDIT: The Haley Graves Foundation

This dog, now called as “June” because it is female, was fortunate enough to be saved.

CREDIT: The Haley Graves Foundation

June is not eligible for adoption at this time, according to her rescuers, since she tested positive for heartworm, will be treated, and requires assistance with social anxiety concerns.

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