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Dog Risks Her Life To Save Her Puppy In A Drain In Peru

In Tarapoto, Peru, a dog was urgently staring at a drain on a roadway. The dog then risks her life by entering the inside of the hole, where she may drown. But all she wanted was to save her pet.

When workers from a local store approached the hole, they realized why the dog had thrown herself. Her puppy had fallen inside the hole, and her mother instinct pushed her enter to save him.

Llerson Edu Rios Rojas was successful in getting the little fellow out, and the dog emerged from the hole calmer and wagging her tail.

Mari Carmen Cachique, Llerson’s coworker, eventually accompanied the mother and infant to a veterinary clinic for a check-up.

The animals appear to be in good health and were adopted by Mari Carmen; they now have a lifetime home and will no longer be in danger on the streets.

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