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This Cat Was Hit By A Car And Everyone Believed That He Passed Away

When this cat, named Bart, was struck by a car when he was a year and a half old, he seemed to perish at that moment, and the people who tried to aid him assumed he had perished in the huge accident and buried him.

However, the cat reappeared five days later in the yard of a neighbor’s house. The fact that he was still alive was truly surprising.

“He had dug himself out of the grave and slowly made his way back home, albeit weak, dehydrated and in need of medical attention,” the Humane Society of Tampa Bay (HSTB) posted on its Facebook page.

CREDIT: Humane Society of Tampa Bay

When Bart returned, he was in bad condition and was sent to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay, where he began to undergo the necessary treatments; he had a cracked jaw, open wounds on his face, and an eye that they were not able to save.

CREDIT: Humane Society of Tampa Bay

While Bart was healing, the health center dug into his background to learn more about his family and why he was buried.

Everyone was surprised to see Bart making remarkable progress and taking his first meal after he began his rehabilitation procedure.

CREDIT: Humane Society of Tampa Bay

A week later, Bart got up and meowed at the health center personnel; he also began to have a healthy appetite, and everyone was quite happy of his wonderful progress.

Bart was always very diligent about taking his medications, which aided much in his recovery; without a question, his will to live was huge.

CREDIT: Humane Society of Tampa Bay

“He was washing himself up and full of meows and caresses for us when we went to visit him,” HSTB stated.

Bart began using his litter box without incident a few weeks later, spent a few days sleeping beneath the sun’s rays, and enjoyed the company, care, and attention of HSTB volunteers and employees.

CREDIT: Humane Society of Tampa Bay

“He is a courageous, friendly, goofy, and lovable kitty who welcomes us with great excitement every day and makes us laugh with his clumsy style of leaping on our computers and attempting to eat our food,” HSTB said.

Bart was adopted and meets a family who lavishes him with love.

CREDIT: Humane Society of Tampa Bay

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