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This Bear Lost All Its Fur After Being Used In A Circus For 20 Years

Many circuses and zoos today are simply concerned with their own profit, regardless of the care of the animals. Cholita, the bear, lost all her fur and was unfairly subjected to a lot of torture by a circus; her fingers were damaged, her teeth were broken, and her fur was lost due to stress.

Cholita finally felt free in 2015 after spending the previous 20 years of her life confined in a cage and subjected to torture she did not deserve.

The appearance of this bear is shocking to many and it is incredible even to think that it is a spectacled bear.

CREDIT: Animal Defenders International

Cholita was rescued from her horrific situation by the group Animal Defenders International (ADI); her health was critical, and they needed an oxygen chamber.

CREDIT: Animal Defenders International

She found herself strong enough to return to freedom in a safe cage in a forest after finishing her recovery procedure.

CREDIT: Animal Defenders International

She has fed properly since then, and fresh hair has sprung on various places of the body.

The bear is quite happy strolling among the woods; she can now play, sleep happily, eat, and even socialize with her neighbors, a couple of bears rescued by the ADI group.

CREDIT: Animal Defenders International

ADI President Jan Creamer stated:

“It gives me great delight to witness Cholita enjoying her new home, the sights and sounds of the forest, which she has been unjustly deprived since she was a baby.”

CREDIT: Animal Defenders International

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